What is Exit Intent?

Exit Intent technology is pretty new in the internet space, but it’s something that marketers have been trying to do since we learned what an abandonment rate was.

Essentially Exit Intent is a process in which you try to make a visitor on your website complete an action (like a purchase, generate a lead) as they are showing likelihood they’re about to leave your website for whatever reason.

The thinking behind this of is that…hey, the web visitor is about to leave, lets make something enticing to make them stay!

Generally when these types of offers pop-up, you will be asked to enter your email address in exchange for a free PDF or checklist. Alternatively if you are on an e-commerce focused website you might get a discounted coupon offer to complete your purchase.

In this post I’ll cover a bit more about this technology in detail, and how you can apply it to your own website.

How Exit Intent Works

There are several different ways to detect a customer is about to exit your website.

Generally a piece of Javascript (aka a Tag) is included on a webpage to track a user’s cursor or finger if on a mobile device. Once a set of conditions relating to timing or movement, Javascript code will display a pop-up with the website’s “exit” offer.

How does this work?

A website with exit intent installed could detect that the visitor is about to leave when their mouse starts going towards the close button, a back button, by suddenly scrolling up and to the left or right.

Another scenario might be that the cursor was scrolling through an article and stopped for a significant amount of time, or has hit a certain point in the page that the user is showing deep interest.

And, if you thought that this kind of thing didn’t work, there is now a *new* type of exit Intent, in which you actually get prompted to enter your information as you are entering the site!

No doubt you’ve come across these prompts on your own. Here’s a few of the ones that stick out:

Here is an example of an Exit Intent in use at the Digital Marketer blog.

Example of Exit Intent

Here is an example of a full page takeover on Niel Patel’s Quicksprout website:

Exit Intent Example at Neil Patels QuickSprout.com

As you can see, when you get presented with the exit intent, it comes with an insanely huge button to do an action, with an irresistible offer or something extremely subtle. The point is – make your leaving user do something that will benefit you.

What Exit Intent Tools Exist?

Remember implementing exit intent is just one of the tools in an online expert’s modern toolbox, and it should be just one component of your strategy to maximize your website’s ROI. Also, keep in mind that while you might not get amazing results instantly by installing something, over time you should be able to start capturing at least 1-2% of leaving users.

So how do you get started implementing exit intent on your website?

The easiest way to install exit intent on a website is by using a third party service. You simply need to insert their tag, and then make some customizations like content and fonts.

In no particular order, the two most popular services are:

https://www.optimonk.com/ – this is a relatively newcomer to the space, but it has some case studies to prove its efficacy. Pricing is very affordable, starting at $29 per month. It also works pretty easily with WordPress, and a slew of other integrations. This means that regardless of your intent, whether it’s a purchase or download, Optimonk will try to make it as seamless as possible to integrate.

http://www.picreel.com/ – Picreel is another affordable provider in this niche category. They offer some additional tools outside the box like surveys and whatnot, but again, you can’t go wrong with the pricing. Starting at only $14 bucks a month for small websites, this is the tool of choice for us here at FullFunnel.

For those of you who know how to code, there is the free library on github called OUI bounce. This developer has created a library of actions that allows you to customize a solution that’s just right for you.

Do You Use Exit Intent on This Site?

Currently I don’t have any sort of exit intent scripts or tools installed on my blog or website. This was a conscious decision, but as traffic increases and there becomes a value to collecting likes or email address for future marketing initiatives, I most likely will enable this!