Marketing Predictions for 2017

As I am involved heavily in some pretty large online marketing campaigns, I can definitely start to see trends for what is about to happen next year in online marketing – and thus create some actionable marketing predictions for 2017. Feel free to use these predictions as you shape your planning for campaigns, and I’d love … Continue reading “Marketing Predictions for 2017”

Making WordPress Faster – Even If You’re a Complete Novice

Like most blogs and websites in the world, this blog is built on the infamous WordPress platform. It’s also currently hosted on a cheap GoDaddy shared plan, yet I’ve fine tuned it to make WordPress faster than most sites in the world. That’s saying a lot, considering GoDaddy has in the past suffered from reliability and … Continue reading “Making WordPress Faster – Even If You’re a Complete Novice”

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ROAS – The Dirty Online Marketing Metric

ROAS, while it sounds like a band from the 80’s, it is actually a really important online marketing metric. Yet, I often come across people and customers who have have never heard of it – even the “experts.” What is this mystery metric, and why should you zero in and focus on this important metric? ROAS … Continue reading “ROAS – The Dirty Online Marketing Metric”

Marketing Help by Zach.Marketing

Tutorial: How to Setup AdWords Retargeting Step By Step

Recovering lost visitors through AdWords retargeting is one of the most simple ways to start earning back some ROI from your website. Unfortunately, setting up AdWords retargeting can be a bit difficult as there are SO MANY different configuration options and setting up a Google account isn’t as simple as it should be – yet. But … Continue reading “Tutorial: How to Setup AdWords Retargeting Step By Step”

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Advertising Online – On the Cheap

If you are like most websites, you need traffic to your site in order to generate sales and make money. And you often are tasked with generating incredible amounts of traffic on an insanely small micro-budget. In this walkthrough, I will show some ways to advertise online, cheaply. There are literally thousands of platforms, channels, and tools … Continue reading “Advertising Online – On the Cheap”